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Location map of Alaska, USA

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The new Alaska Newspapers Index project at the Alaska State Library is an interesting on-line genealogy resource.

There are newspapers from many places in Alaska, including Fairbanks and Juneau. These two are the primary cities for statewide news. Chena, Tanana, Nenana, Hot Springs, Rampart City, and Fort Adams newspapers are also in the archive database.

Although most of the database is searchable by title, headline, and year, Juneau’s records include the abstracts and authors of articles where available. The bulk of the database is as described, an index. The full-text must still be gotten elsewhere.

As a professional genealogist covering the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska, I am in a place to retrieve the full-text of the many of the articles indexed in the database. In most cases it is possible to retrieve the image of the article as a JPEG or TIFF file for quicker turn-around on your order.


Written by N. P. Maling

19 October 2009 at 20:56

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