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Looking for details of your ancestors or other persons in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington?

I am a professional genealogist providing  look-up services to genealogists  and family historians.

Based in Seattle, Washington, United States. I focus on providing genealogy research services for an international client base, including attorneys, hobbyists, and others. I’ve been working with genealogy and family history for about 15 years.

Some of the resource I use include newspapers, city directories, and archival materials. I visit the National Archives and Records Administration site at Sand Point, Seattle, Washington, and the University of Washington to use their special collections.

I’m available for social and business social media on Google+ (N. P. Maling), LinkedIn (Nathan Maling) and Twitter (seagenes).

A couple of e-Business Cards:

Professional Genealogist Offers Obituary LookupsProfessional Genealogist Offers City Directory Lookups

The Origin of “Sea Genes”

Yes, I know that googling “Sea Genes” comes up with some obscure scientific research discussions.

I chose the name because it’s a play on Seattle and my ancestry. A number of my ancestors were mariners and Navy men. Thomas Maling of Kennebunkport, Maine operated a rigging loft. His son, Moses, sailed and owned ships, traveling the world. Another of Thomas’ sons, George, also was a ship master. George Clement Perkins, another second great grand-uncle, also sailed. My father and both grandfathers were also involved with the sea at one time or another.


Written by N. P. Maling

21 October 2011 at 19:10

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  1. […] expenses be covered, as a professional ought to, it is a business transaction of the simplest sort. You can contact me and arrange for lookups in a number of primary records available through NARA or another repository […]

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